Act Now Voters - FHCP
Act Now Voters - FHCP

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Click here to search for your member of parliament and let them know you support Canada’s food, health, and consumer product manufacturers. We’ve provided a suggested comment below. Let your MP know what the sector means to you and ask how your MP will work to keep groceries and consumer products affordable and support factories and manufacturing jobs in Canada.

Suggested Comment:

I’m writing to ask that you take every step to support Canada’s food, health, and consumer product manufacturers. Now more than ever, Canada relies of the 350,000 people who make essential food and products we need everyday and in times of crisis. It is past time for government to make this sector a priority and ensure Canada’s secure, stable supply of these products. Please support food, health and consumer products manufacturing to promote Canada’s self-reliance, resilience, innovation, and growth.

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